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Collaboration Solutions

Sharepoint Online: Collaborate, share, and manage your documentation, all integrated into your O365 subscription and your Office applications.


What Services Do We Offer?

  • Documentary Consulting: We help you decide the best strategy to store and manage your documentation.
  • Consulting Collaborative Sites: Get more out of SPO by making other collaborative applications, such as Intranets or small Query/Management applications.
  • Creation and configuration of Sites
  • Branding and Development Customizations
  • Workflows. OOB, 2010, 2013, and Nintex
  • Migrating content from Microsoft sources
  • ALMALM and automation: Management of environments, Transport of functionalities, automation of changes, etc.
  • Support: From customer service to management of Premier support contracts



What experience do we have?

  • Participation in the Migration of a solution Jive to SPO sites (more than 2,000 sites), Migration of functionality and content
  • Creation, customization, and support of sites needed to host more than 20TB of information migrated from OpenText
  • Development of scripts for creating sites, deploying functionalities and administration in PowerShell
  • Development of custom functionalities with Sharepoint JSON and REST
  • WF Customization 2010 Approval and creation of WF 2013
  • More than 3,000 Sharepoint Sites users and 200 support requests attended to every month

 Sharepoint colaboración