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Radical Cost Cutting

The Radical Cost Cutting service is designed to define efficient plans without any additional investment, since the new cost distribution from SIT will be defined solely on the basis of savings.


What Services Do We Offer?

  • After signing a mutual confidentiality agreement, the service includes:

    • Current IT cost structure analysis
    • Identification of Efficiency Plans
    • Support in RFI/RFP processes
    • Support in the process of adjusting supplier offers and negotiating contracts
  • In addition, this service allows the acceleration of processes that usually drag on in organizations, such as RFI/RFP management, equalization of supplier offerings, contract negotiation, etc. SIT acts as a single point of contact with the involved suppliers throughout the process.



What experience do we have?

  • SIT has undergone different optimization processes that have reduced IT costs by more than 65% in order to adapt them to the new reality of Abengoa's business.
  • Based on this experience, SIT can help analyze, optimize, and transform (capex-opex) its IT cost structure.

Radical Cost Cutting