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Projects for Split-offs, Carve-outs, Mergers

Investments and divestments are part of the current dynamics in many corporations, often leading to the need to integrate new businesses or to segregate them.

What Services Do We Offer?


SIT offers complete lifecycle management for these types of processes, including:

  • Support for Due-Diligence Processes
  • Design of maps of origin and destination systems
  • Flexible systems designed to adapt to these processes
  • Identification of main risks
  • Project Execution for the integration or segregation of all IT systems
  • Definition of Support Models for Segregation (TSA)



What experience do we have?


The correct management of IT during the life cycle of all of these processes, based on our experience of projects already executed, has allowed us to prevent very negative consequences for the business, that would be  due to:

  • Hidden Costs in Due-Diligence Processes.
  • Fines for breach of contract with major software manufacturers
  • Major delays in the integration or segregation of assets
Experience in segregation with the main products and manufacturers of software and hardware: SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Oracle, etc.