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IT Services Invoicing

The invoicing of services is much more than the process of sending an invoice to the recipient; it is a process that includes understanding exactly what services were provided. Billing must adapt to new technologies, where electronic billing and accessibility by source systems are key.


What Services Do We Offer?

  • We offer billing strategies and advice to the best billing models that IT can provide.
  • We are able to perform analysis and consulting to determine the best billing mechanisms and approach for the clients, improving the processes of the billing departments.
  • Defined as a first analysis, we are able to focus on tactical and operational levels where we even help our clients in the selection and implementation of solutions that best fit their business models.
  • Our solutions always seek the highest efficiency, economic control, adaptability to the company’s ebbs and flows. These solutions are available whenever they are needed.



What experience do we have?

  • We have the experience of a team that manages the billing of more than 70 services to more than 200 companies and 15,000 employees in 35 countries. This includes variable and fixed invoicing, direct services to companies, and direct services to employees. We assure  an excellent experience in its quality and scope.

 IT services invoicing