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Main Products


Lighthouse Migration Suite

  • Automatic document migration to Sharepoint OL
  • Information Sources: Opentext and FileSystem.

Covenants Management

  • Web applications for the management of financial contract obligations.
  • J2EE/GWT/GXT technologies

Solar Field Maintenance Management

  • Web and mobile application to report faults and/or maintenance operations in solar plants
  • Application adaptable to any type of asset and its elements developed in J2EE and Android

3H Strategy Management

  • Web application to manage the business strategy, following McKinsey methodology
  • Developed in J2EE/GWT/GXT technology

Inspection Point Program

  • Mobile application to manage the inspection points program during the construction of a plant
  • Adaptable for any type of asset and developed for the Android platform

Workflow Anywhere

  • Multiplatform application for the centralized approval of tasks of the company’s various management systems
  • Developed on Oracle SOA Suite and for iOS, Android, and Web platforms

Bank of Spain File

  • Application that handles and generates the ETE report required by the Spanish bank for the operations of Spanish companies operating abroad